Service Catalogue
Reduce the Operational Cost of Delivering Services

On hand solutions

Service catalogue will ensure the standardisation of Digital Service Offerings, intrinsically improving the overall Service Quality delivered to your Organisation or Business.

Service Description

Service Catalogue Offerings:

  • Help with EDU & Managed Print Services;
  • Support for Business Applications;
  • Requests for New IT Equipment;
  • Changes to IT Systems and Websites.

Benefits of Service Catalogues:

  • Managed Service allows for VAT recovery;
  • Reduce the Operational Cost of Delivering
  • Dramatically decrease the time users wait for
    Digital Services and Equipment to be
  • Assist the Organisation in Managing
    resourcing more Effectively;
  • Give the Organisation the ability to Measure
    and Improve Customer Satisfaction;
  • Improve the overall Perception of Digital
    Services within the Organisation or Business.

Request Fulfilment:

  • Accounts & Access;
  • End User Devices & Accessories;
  • Email & Calendars;
  • Managed Print Services (MPS);
  • Landlines (IP Based & Analogue);
  • Applications;
  • Network Points;
  • Cloud Platform (Increases, Add / Changes)
  • Training & Consultation;
  • Website / Intranet.

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