Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (BEH) Windows 10 Transformation Programme

Project Background

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (BEH) outsourced its digital services transformation services to Atos. The Trust has around 40 locations across London, mainly within the boroughs of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. These sites vary in size from small (circa 50 Network Connected devices) to campus (circa 200 Network Connected devices). There are interdependencies between certain sites for connectivity. BEH’s current end-user devices include 1517 Laptops, 2181 Desktops, and 100 iOS Tablets.

In 2018/19 Atos strategic healthcare partner “Bates IT” facilitated the next stage of the “Digital Transformation Project” refreshing ageing hardware and standardise the operational environment with a new Windows 10 Operating System with a “core” set of applications distributed by “System Centre” SCCM branch Cache Servers.

Project Deployment

Deployment activities

On arrival Bates IT cleared, legacy equipment & added to empty trolleys, while new equipment was added to desks.

Existing equipment removed from sites & returned to dedicated storage area.
Set-up and configured new Windows 10 device & performed basic checks with user present.

  • Users were provided PDF instructions about new device and how to connect and set up their device – ready for use
  • Bates IT onsite engineers supported users with light touch basic checks; email set-up, office, print
  • Client supplied onsite “drop in” teams available to support users with Windows 10 queries
  • Bates IT updated CMDB with equipment details, locations, serial numbers, host names etc.
  • Bates IT reported back devices migrated on a daily basis to Atos project management teamsLaptop “clinic” or “drop in centre” created for users not in attendance or without fixed place of work.

Bates IT managed reporting and audit trails vital for the project management streams:

Developing a standard user “Sign Off” process to capture proof of delivery, validation of functional applications & acceptance:

  • Floorwalker confirmed whether user previously had RAS access
  • Floorwalker validates that user Save File and access all Group Share’s
  • Floorwalker validates that user has access to key applications
  • Floorwalker assisted user in downloading specific additional software
  • Floorwalker validates that user has access to required URL’s
  • Floorwalker ensured that user can connect to Corporate or Guest Wi-Fi
  • Floorwalker validated that users can print
  • Floorwalker validated Offline working solution works for Laptop Users
  • User inserted Rio card and floorwalker remediated Java pop ups for Rio.
  • Sign-Off Obtained from User

Logistics, Deliveries and Administration

  • Daily collections of “pre imaged” Windows 10 devices, under the direction, supervision and scheduling of the Atos Project Manager
  • Delivery to various sites in line with the days deployment schedule provided by Atos & (BEH) Trust
  • Collection of the accrued legacy equipment from the days deployment activities
  • Collections of any laptops which could not be deployed due to “User” not being present
  • Returning of legacy equipment to dedicated build and storage area
  • Returning of new laptops for “Drop In Centres” equipment to dedicated build and storage area
  • Updating the Administrator
  • Checking “out” stock taken by the delivery driver and updating the Inventory Tracker
  • Checking “in” returned legacy equipment from the previous days deployments to the Inventory Tracker
  • Processing of equipment into minimum speciation’s for additional swing stock (to be re imaging to the Windows 10 build & updating the Inventory Tracker
  • Creating a contact matrix for returned (un-deployed laptops), where Users had not been present
  • Contacting Users for collection of laptops at the agreed date and time “Drop In Centre” activities
  • Checking “Magic 5”Data (Proof of delivery)
  • Update CMDB with equipment change details
  • Report back devices migrated and those not migrated, to project management streams on a daily basis

Secure hardware

Securely stored and managed hardware equipment within a dedicated storage area. Pre-imaging hardware (to support the project timelines)

  • Loaded equipment onto transportation trolleys and delivered to a dedicated site ready to be deployed out to desks
  • Checked equipment “In & Out” via dedicated & auditable stock control software

Project Outcome

“During a Windows10 deployment for the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust, Bates IT provided both engineering and logistical support for the rollout. The programme had large significance to the Trust as every employee would be affected for a time during the project. The feedback received from users was extremely positive which was due to the knowledgeable, friendly and professional Bates engineers who always went above and beyond. Bates IT were also extremely flexible throughout the project, they were willing and able to adapt to the customer’s needs very quickly, leading to a successful deployment and a satisfied customer. I would be pleased to work with Bates on another IT deployment project and would not hesitate to recommend Bates IT to colleagues and other organisations.”

Bates IT utilised;

  • 1 team lead,
  • 6 deployment engineers, 2 floorwalkers,
  • 1 administration assistant, 1 delivery driver
  • 1 imaging engineer,
  • plus 1 missed migration engineer.

2700 Windows 10 devices between February & June 2019.
The project completed on time, within budget.

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