NHS England National Health Service

Outline for NHS England Modern workplace:
To replace all existing desktops (5500) equipment with a Modern workspace, comprising of a New 24″ Screen, Lenovo Docking Station for Laptop and port replication with a new keyboard and mouse. Work to commence in 31 locations across the North, South and Midland of the UK. Work commencing in August and completing in 4 months, not including several mop-ups. Floor walking also required onsite after install equating to 113 engineer days.
All old screens associated cabling and packaging collected and removed off-site within 3 days of completion with full CMDB responsibility.

Description of works done for NHS

Receive 6200 Monitor’s, 6000 Laptop Docking stations, 6000 Keyboards, 6000 Mice.
Approx. storage valuation Monitors £620,000.00, Docking Stations £620,000.00, Keyboards £90,000.00, Mice £30,000.00

Package up accordingly to the number of desks per site and send according to payload on weight and also value with a max insured cost per load of £64,000.00.

Outline for NHS England Laptops

  • Receive approx. 55 pallets of new laptops and trickle delivery to build a centre for imaging.
  • Receive laptops from the building centre and package them up according to the number of laptops required per site.
  • Deliver security sealed boxes with laptops numbers to 51 sites according to pre-defined allocated laptop numbers.
  • Collect from 51 sites old laptops for disposals for secure destruction including laptops that are to be re-purposed and re-imaged.
  • The whole project consisting of 240 deliveries across 51 sites in the north, south and midlands.
  • The project running for 7 months to completion (complete CMBD responsibility).

Recycling Waste

On both projects all waste recycled as much as possible:

  • 5 Artic lorries full of polystyrene that was later turned into insulation tiles.
  • All cardboard recycled where possible.
  • All disposals and destruction following WEEE protocols.
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