University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) Windows 10 Transformation Programme

Project Background

Atos strategic healthcare partner “Bates IT” facilitated UCLH and their requirements to deploy and configure new equipment to allow the implementation of a new all-encompassing IT system provided by EPIC across its estate.

To accomplish this the trust needed to deploy in excess of 1500 new PC’s and peripherals alongside a complete refresh of monitors to accommodate the new resolution requirements.

In parallel to this trust envisaged uplifting a large volume of its 6500 PC’s from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in part to refresh existing kit but also to maximise user experience of the new system.

Project Deployment

Deployment activities

  • Receiving deliveries (collated delivery notes and sent them to relevant Atos departments)
  • Unboxing, flat packing and sorting of recyclable packaging
  • Hardware test of device
  • Connect device to Network
  • Dedicated build engineers Imaged devices via SCCM
  • Attached asset tags to devices
  • Recorded asset tag and serial number within the Atos CMDB
  • Pick relevant peripherals for the deployment of each device/bundle
  • Record agreed upon peripheral information within the Atos CMDB

Engineer Activities

  • Bates IT, at peak of the Project, provided 20 deployment engineers deploying the new EPIC devices to areas identified on EPIC floor plans (provided by the Trust)
  • Set up and configure all relevant peripherals in line with an agreed process with EPIC and Atos
  • Recorded all Atos agreed configuration management information in Bates IT MAGIC5 (POD)
  • Provide Atos configuration management team daily reports from Bates IT MAGIC5 (POD)
  • Provide EPIC configuration team required details for their configuration in a format agreed with the EPIC team and Atos

Logistics, Deliveries and Administration

  • Bates IT carefully packaged up equipment for transport to various sites
  • Delivery of equipment to agreed location within project timescales

Project Outcome

“As the EUT on-site partner for Atos, Bates IT were engaged from the outset of the UCLH Epic/Windows 10 refresh to ensure they fully understood the requirements. Bates IT provided Engineer and logistical support, Imaging, configuring and deploying upwards of 10,000 devices from PCs’ to wireless label printers including over 1900 EPIC dedicated PCs and WoW’s. The project was the largest IT undertaking in the UCLH trusts history and Bates IT’s experience and expert time was paramount in assisting Atos to provide a successful go-live. In addition to UCLH, Atos has positive experiences of working with Bates IT on other Trust sites and NHS Eng- land, delivering successful projects.

I have no hesitation recommending Bates IT for future Projects within Atos and for other organisations.”

  • 1390 BAU tickets resolved by Bates Desktop support team in the month of go live and 980 the subsequent month.
  • Epic is now implemented across the UCLH estate.
  • Over 1/3rd of the estate is now using a windows 10 machine with planning being drawn out for the remainder to be uplifted within the next 8 months.
  • In excess of 10,000 devices deployed before the go live date.
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