IT Support for the NHS

The Importance of IT Support in the NHS.

IT support services are crucial for the NHS and Bates IT has over 30 years experience of collaborative working with Trusts on Desktop, Server, Network support, Projects and Wi Fi performance enhancing. With the ever-increasing reliance on technology, it is essential to have reliable IT support to ensure uninterrupted patient care delivery. Hospital staff need to focus on providing healthcare services to patients, and IT support services are essential can help with to the smooth running of these services.

Both efficient and effective, they should be able to provide technical support to hospital staff and other stakeholders in the health sector promptly. This support should be available 24/7 to ensure emergency issues can be addressed with no delay.

IT companies provide a wide range of services for the NHS

IT support services must be able to provide a range of services to the NHS. These services can include network installations and maintenance, cybersecurity, software and hardware installations, and Project support, working alongside the Trusts existing team. IT support services should always endeavour to use the latest technology to ensure secure delivery of healthcare services.

Expert knowledge, experience and round the clock technical support

The IT support services team should also be well equipped to provide technical support for the various software application in the NHS.

Bates IT has over 30+ years’ experience in delivering large scale digital transformations and operational IT support services for the NHS. Our service portfolio encompasses every device that touches a desk, PC, laptop, monitor, print and telephony, effectively making us a unique unified service provider.

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